Understanding Your Inner Turmoil and How To Make Peace With Yourself

Dr. Patel’s family’s journey and her personal experiences from India to Africa to the United Kingdom transformed her into a global citizen. She came to live in America at the age of 26 years, at which time she embraced being an American. She has been passionate about the basic tenets of personal responsibility, respect and integrity of oneself and neighbor, the institution of government for all people, and a final exit at the end of life, leaving behind a positive legacy. She worked as a licensed, practicing psychiatrist for over 25 years. She feels it is imperative for all Americans to recognize societal ills, take responsibility for healing themselves and change the destiny of American life for future generations.

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Story Lines 

  • What Freedom are you willing to lose to take away one from someone else?
  • How is the #MeToo Movement still relevant today?
  • The Stigma surrounding Mental Health & How people can overcome it? 
  • What is the # 1 Killer of children and teens in America and how do we mitigate it?
  • 5 ways that climate change makes an impact on our children.
  • Why are the # of suicides trending in the wrong direction and why does it differ from State to State?
  • How do we feel about the world we are leaving for our children?
  • What can we learn from history about the surge of Immigrants at the Southern Border?
  • Why is it important to choose between what or who you have in your life?
  • 5 Ways on how Helicopter parents are affecting their children.
  • Do girls want to be raised like boys? 

“These books delve into relevant challenges facing society today. Instead of turning to fear tactics, Dr. Patel turns to pragmatism and provides a language for important conversations; understanding how we got here and how we get out. Dr. Patel offers a dialogue rich in research and clinical experience.” 

                      Catherine Kozen