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T he relationship between men and women has been derailed by the #MeToo Movement. Behaviors that were acceptable at one time are no longer tolerated. Some of the changes that have come about from exposure of these events, will be beneficial but there is a downside to this movement as well. We need to explore the relationships, with ourselves, our partners, and children throughout life. Without understanding the causes, we cannot look for solutions which will create change and deliver us to improved future possibilities. All citizens must take responsibility for their actions. As a psychiatrist, I can provide insight into some problems while offering solutions. This book hopes to plant seeds of change that require us to look at issues from a different perspective as citizens of the US, as a family unit, and as part of the global society. It could be a lifeline for many individuals who do not have a mentor to help them arrive at a better stance in life. For those young people who are surviving in a dysfunctional family, maybe this book will provide some directions. Suggestions are offered for men and women struggling to find lasting relationships. It will help women who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse, and who need assistance in moving past these traumatic events. We need to get back to basics again, to find peace and foster responsibility within ourselves and others.

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T he American way of life changed drastically after 9/11; we adjusted to those restrictions and changes. Major events between 2018 and 2020 dominated the American way of life and unhinged the US; the school shootings, workplace and other mass shootings, race riots, Black Lives Matter Movement, climate change disaster and devastation, and now the pandemic, the coronavirus COVID-19, causing major loss of life and inflicting disabilities on many. Issues arising from the pandemic also created conflict, amplified by the politicians, between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons. Many people who rely on the medical community for their health needs, suddenly decided to trust non-medical personnel who were only interested in promoting their own agenda. During the pandemic, there was a surge of mental health issues. People in general were feeling more depressed, anxious, isolated, and overwhelmed. In the false belief of pursuing freedom, citizens of this great nation have forgotten how to care for each other. All this turbulence has created havoc in our daily lives. Anyone who cares about America will realize how detrimental and corrosive these social mores are. As a psychiatrist, I can provide insight into some problems while offering solutions. We need to get back to basics again, but the focus has to be on changing our future generations’ personal attitudes to transform the inner and outer aspects of their lives.

AMERICA, WAKE UP! We may be on the verge of a civil war or World War III. Many Americans, especially the younger generations, are highly dissatisfied with how the Democrats and Republicans run the country. What can citizens do about the state of affairs in the United States to correct this downward spiral? First, we must understand why there is so much discontent and who caused these divisions. Please take your blinders off and examine how the far-right extremist have already destroyed some of our freedoms. Former President Trump and his Republican acolytes have initiated and orchestrated this downward spiral. We must remain a country of law and order and hold ALL individuals accountable for their actions and breaking the laws of the United States. No one should be above the law. Only one man, Donald Trump, defied the people’s vote in the last presidential election. His actions have infiltrated our governing bodies. We have become a country composed of authoritarian politicians who are hellbent on destroying our democracy. Their actions should be intolerable and unacceptable to all of us. Many service men and women have lost their lives defending our American rights and freedoms. We have to fight against every effort to crush our democracy, or your children will live in a totalitarian state. Observer, listen, speak out, and defend the rights of every citizen!


Dr. Shila Patel

Dr. Patel’s personal experience from an Indian heritage to living in Africa, the United Kingdom and finally moving to America at the age of 26 years, transformed her into a global citizen. As a licensed, practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience working with both children and adults, she provides guidance about healthy relationships and parenting issues. She is passionate about basic tenets of personal responsibility and leaving behind a positive legacy.