Book Reviews

US Unhinged Books 1 & 2

Dr. Patel presents a wide variety of current issues of American society. The thought-
provoking topics offer a basis for discussions and in-depth analysis of modern culture.

Judith Toscano RN. MSN Clinical System Analyst

I much appreciate how Dr. Patel unpacks her insightful, multinational approach and how it
helps her reader gain a bigger picture view on the issues plaguing our collective society today.
These are important topics that everyone needs to gain perspective on and to truly think about; I
find this work to be timely, educational, and thought provoking. 

Jenifer M Brand, CMRP,
Engineering Development Laboratory Manager


Dr. Patel takes you on a journey exploring the problems exhibited in American families
today while offering a historical perspective and positive solutions for change. Her analysis of
the workplace provides a look back at the widespread awakening of sexual abuse, discrimination,
and the associated legal ramifications. Dr. Patel’s sincere interest in analyzing the current, most
severe sociological problems in the United States is to bring about change for a more
compassionate, intelligent, and forward-thinking society. She attacked every problem with
rigorous analysis, and most notably, offered recommendations. Dr. Patel is challenging all of us
to reach for a higher standard of civility, morality, and responsibility to ourselves, our families,
and our fellow citizens.
Arthur D. Gottlieb, Retired Queensbury Middle School Principal, Queensbury, New York


US Unhinged delves into relevant challenges facing society today. Instead of turning to fear
tactics, Dr. Patel turns to pragmatism and provides a language for important conversations;
understanding how we got here and how we get out. Dr. Patel offers a dialogue rich in research
and clinical experience.

Catherine Kozen, Director Marketing & mom of 2


Dr. Patel’s autobiography and perspective of our current American society illustrates and
embodies the New American Dream. She is an immigrant from the third world; a woman of
color who has faced and overcome immense challenges. Yet has maintained her levelheaded and
fair-minded approach to life. For both the young and old, her ideas are a roadmap to acquire
skills and achieve a mindset to face and overcome the challenges of our society.

Paul Miller, Retired teacher


This book is wonderfully insightful, enlightening, frightening, and very sad in places. It has
relevance today as it addresses many subjects from a professional, rather than a politically
biased, individual’s viewpoints. Everyone would benefit from reading it but especially parents.
As a grandmother, all parts relating to children resonated with me. As I read the book, I found
myself wishing my son and his wife were reading along with me. I gained insight and knowledge

with a better understanding of what is happening in our country today. This is a very good book
that hopefully, will reach many, many readers.

Nancy Bray


I found US Unhinged engrossing. This book has so much relevance today. It doesn’t matter
how talented or rich you believe you are. It’s how you treat people. Integrity is everything. I have
benefitted greatly from reading this book. I am hoping to be more tolerant and respectful with
my daughter and 17-year-old granddaughter, who was adopted from China at the age of 18
months and has a lot of problems. The book made me realize that your life is shaped by the
decisions you make and have made, not by the ones you didn’t. We all need to adopt a better
understanding of people and their problems and appreciate our differences.

– Angela Paporello


I loved it! This is a book I would keep in my night table by my bed. The chapters are self-
contained, and it is not necessary to read them in order. I was definitely challenged but felt I
agree or have a similar belief system as the author, Dr. Patel. I felt the section on loneliness is
very appropriate at this time with social distancing and self-quarantine during the pandemic.
– Gloria Ragonetti

US Fractured

Thought provoking book!
I am a Christian, a Republican, a Trump voter, a Fox news watching conservative who refused to
listen to any other news sources or views. The Author of US-Fractured, Shila Patel, M.D. has
disproved most of my views on events ongoing in the U.S., including but not limited to politics,
President Trump, and January 6th insurrection. It is obvious that a lot of time, effort and research
was put into the writing of this book. Initially, when I began reading US-Fractured, I struggled
with it because of my steadfast beliefs. I would find myself reading and disagreeing with what I
was reading. However, it did open my mind to seeing things in another light. After reading this
book I feel strongly that our main problem is the division we are seeing here in the United States.
We, as a Country should stand United. The violence needs to stop NOW. We need to get out and
vote for who each of us feels will do the best job at bringing our country back to a peaceful state.
We all need to keep an open mind and make choices to better our society as Americans, not as
Republicans or Democrats.

Traci Mullis, RN, Retired Public Health Nurse Manager


US Fractured is the thoughtful follow-up of Dr. Patel’s two previous books, Us Unhinged, Book

1 and US Unhinged, Book 2. Her theory states the country is losing Power and Status on the

world stage due to the actions of both politicians and citizens. Clearly stated, the author notes

how blind loyalty to a political party, or political movement, rather than the Best Interests of the

Country has given way to a divide that becomes wider and seems at times to be unsurmountable.

The culture war, opinions on abortion, gay rights, religious freedoms, gun rights, conspiracy

theories and even the handling of the Covid pandemic have become so politically motivated that

serving the needs of the people cannot be agreed upon. A dangerous lack of trust in the election

processes, government over involvement and the lax court systems speaks to a need to reevaluate much of what is occurring. The author suggests several answers to these dilemmas.

Citizens must insist on voting integrity, where all that are entitled can vote safely and can also

trust the results to be accurate. Citizens must elect representatives that will focus on doing the

business of the nation and not their own interests. Perhaps term limits or a Third Party may be in

order to bring together ideas to solve the nation’s ills. It will be a daunting task to face the many

strongholds that currently fracture all that has been held sacred about the United States for it’s

almost 250 years. That task must be done, however, to preserve the integrity of our country and

ensure the freedom that is promised and sought after by so many who have come to her shores

from all corners of the globe.

 – Carrol Shannon, MSW, LCSW


With the current state of affairs that is gripping this country, it needs open minded people to see

the facts as they are, not spun or twisted by their favorite politician or media channel. If the facts

are important, Dr. Patel has objectively laid out in well researched detail. The political division

and discourse brought on by the extremes of racism and a culture war are shown in order for one

to make their own decisions. This book will explain how compassion and empathy are badly

needed today to save this country. It will show how the country needs people to be aware,

responsible, and be enlightened to understand and solve the assault on democracy. For almost

250 years, this country has endured and flourished while strengthening our democracy, because

people were willing to trust it instead of assaulting it for their own favor. Politicians will always

fight each other but were inclined to let the people make the final voting decisions to prevent an

unprecedented constitutional crisis we are now facing. Read this book to present you with the

facts in a world that is so opinionated.

Vijay Patel, Engineer, Region Business Manager


Dr. Shila Patel is known as someone who speaks the truth and people seek out her advice when

they want someone to give them straight forward wisdom. People trust her opinions because she

bases what she says in truth and fact. US Fractured is full of her thought provoking words. When

she speaks, you can feel her authority and her insights that make you stop and ponder the

realities of this country. Shila Patel has a love for our country that is big as Texas and a spirit of

concern that reigns down like thunder. I have studied Dr. Patel’s work for many years. She is a

woman who can be trusted to give you honest feedback and direction. I highly recommend US


– Mark Webb, M.S., L.M.F.T.

Author of How To Be A Great Partner and How To Argue-Proof Your Relationship


US Fractured is a must read! Face it, Americans, we must become accountable for the

issues that have us speeding in the wrong direction! Dr. Patel presents the unbiased facts of how

we got here and suggests we make changes in our thinking and our actions so that our wonderful

country can be healed.

– Marianne Pluchino, Environmental Manager, Marine and Freshwater Biologist


Dr. Patel has carefully and thoroughly researched the current state of affairs in the United

States from 2020–2022. US Fractured is an in-depth study of the sociological events, political

uprisings, Supreme Court rulings, economic failures, and conflicts that are continuing to affect

the lives of all Americans, both young and old. As an educator, I am in awe of the amount of

research Dr. Patel included in this book. I sincerely appreciate the education that I received.

During this period, so many events transpired; I did not fully understand the effects of these on

our society today. After finishing the last chapter, there is only one conclusion. Our democracy is

in turmoil, with threats from multiple parties bulldozing their political agendas in local and state

legislatures across the country. I highly recommend that all individuals, whether you are a

Democrat, Republican, Independent, or undecided voter to please read this book with an open

mind to understand fully the events and their disastrous consequences to our democracy.

Arthur D. Gottlieb, Retired Secondary School Principal